The members of the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association are the organization's greatest asset. On this page, APA Florida pays homage to those members we have lost this past year. These men and women have worked in the planning field and helped promote our profession. We honor them by remembering their legacy and contribution to making great communities in Florida. We cannot hope to sum up someone's life in a short statement. Words fail to make sense of everything nor can they put into perspective everything that this person has stood for and accomplished during their time with us. Information provided on this page is intended to allow others to get a glimpse of the life of the person – one that anyone, even those who did not know the person, may understand.

For some strange reason, we seem to believe that the true mark of greatness involves the accomplishment of many great things. But the mark of greatness can be seen nonetheless in the accomplishment of not so great things. It’s so ordinary that it escapes our attention. And yet, it’s only when people, who have been near and dear to us, are gone, that we begin to look back and recognize that greatness in these people, only to sigh with regret that it’s only too late to appreciate the wonders that they have done.

It is not possible for the APA Florida Chapter Office to always know when a member has passed away. Therefore, we ask for your help in paying tribute to those former members on this page. Please contact the APA Florida office if you know a member that has passed away.

David Barth, AICP, Ph.D (1955 - 2022)

Karl Holley, AICP (1961 - 2021)

Bruce McClendon (1947-2019)

Steven Tyler Everitt (1982 – 2018)

Lisa Fierce (1964 - 2018)

Michael Kokosky (1971-2018)

Marion Lee Cook, AICP (1971 – 2018)

Oliver Kerr, FAICP (1940-2017)

Augie Fragala (April 4, 1945 - July 25, 2014)

Dan Cary

Kevin Tyjeski, AICP, CNU, LEED-AP (1959-2013)

Sam Casella, FAICP (Nov. 5, 1944 - Feb. 18, 2014)

Richard "Dick" Prosser, FAICP

Don Kelly (Sept. 10, 1958- June 25, 2013)

Jim Quinn