Lisa Fierce (1964 - 2018)

Lisa Fierce died on April 20 at the age of 54 after a brief illness. She is survived by her loving husband Greg and children Adam and Erin.

Lisa spent her formative years in the Cleveland metro area and attended The Ohio State University where she obtained a BS with a double major in psychology and sociology and a Master of City and Regional Planning.  She started her Planning career as an intern at the City of Dublin, Ohio and was later hired as a Planner.  Her skills and talent were quickly recognized, and she was promoted several times, ending her tenure there as Assistant Director.  Lisa and her young family relocated to Florida in 1999.  She started at the City of Clearwater as the Development Review Manager and was later promoted to Assistant Planning Director. For the past 14 years she worked for the City of New Port Richey, serving the last seven years as Development Director.

Lisa was a dedicated city planner who diligently worked to better the communities she served. Her expressed desire was to add beauty to the city to create lovable places. She had excellent technical skills and a scarily good memory which made her a formidable advocate for her community.  She was committed to getting the best possible project for both the community and the property owner.

Lisa was the project manager for the award winning 1997 Dublin, Ohio Community Plan.  She guided the implementation of a new land development code in Clearwater and several signature redevelopment projects in New Port Richey, including an immensely successful and award-winning renovation of the downtown’s riverfront park.

Lisa could light up a room with her friendly and engaging personality. She was a force of positive energy that shown in a bright smile and loud laugh.  She had a great sense of humor and style, and many of us knew her as the Glamour (or Glam) Planner.  She loved Halloween, and those who worked with her also learned to love Halloween. Lisa was a great cook and was very particular about ingredients and presentation. She prepared quite a few delicious and healthy lunches for her staff (usually on their birthday) and always relished planning the menu, preparing the food and presiding over the occasion.   Lisa enjoyed pop culture, interior design, Big 10 football and organizing.  She was a huge U2 fan and an even bigger Buckeye one.

Lisa was a dear friend, a valued colleague, inspiring mentor and amazing mother.  We all will miss her very much.