APA Membership and Student Organizations

APA Student Membership 

From the start of your planning academic career until graduation, APA membership for students is free.  The following fact sheet and toolkit provides more information on details and benefits that come along with a student APA Membership:

Looking to join APA and APA Florida as a student member? Follow the link below to get started.

Planning Student Organizations

Planning Student Organizations (PSOs) are the student groups at each university that have registered their organization with APA (national).  Each PSO is entitled to a Student Representative on the Student Representatives Council, and must register this representative with APA each academic year.  To see the list of PSOs in Florida or to register your PSO and its Student Representative, follow the link below.

APA Florida also provides grants to planning student organizations in Florida for professional development events.  To view more information for this grant, follow the link below to the student financial resources page.

Student Representatives Council

The Student Representatives Council (SRC) is a national APA level student council which includes representatives from each Planning Student Organization (PSO) around the country.  The SRC Executive Committee heads this council, and includes a chair, a past-chair, and representatives from six regions around the country.

Florida is a part of Region III.  To see the current APA Student Representative for Region III, and the other SRC Executive Committee members, click the link below.

APA Florida Executive Committee Student Representative 

The APA Florida Executive Committee is the governing body for APA Florida.  The Executive Committee is comprised of the Past-President, the President, the President-Elect, the Treasurer, the Secretary, Six Vice-Presidents, 12 Section Chairs, the University Liaison, the Emerging Planners Group Representative, and the Student Representative.

The Student Representative is an active voting member of the Executive Committee and participates in all Executive Committee functions.  The representative is the voice for all planning students at schools around the state.  

Currently, the Student Representative seat rotates between each of the accredited planning schools around Florida.  The representative is then selected by the respective department.  To view the current APA Florida Student Representative, as well as the other current APA Florida Executive Committee members, follow the link below.