How do I join the APA Florida Emerging Planners Group?

Simply sign up here! We do ask that you become a member of the APA Florida Chapter, if you are not already. Please click here to find the membership documents.


How do I find out about events?

Follow us on Facebook for the latest events and updates from all over Florida. You can also contact your ambassador to ask about the next local EPG event. 

You can also follow your Section’s social media to know about other APA events going on locally. Most sections send digital newsletters to their members as well!


Is there a fee for EPG membership?

There is no additional cost! But you will need to be a member of the APA Florida Chapter. For more information on types of membership please click here.


Can I join the EPG if I am a student?

Absolutely! APA provides free membership to students and most programs assist their students with membership sign up!  For more information click here.


Can I join the EPG if I am a more experienced planner?

Of course! The EPG welcomes all planners who are interested in our goals (and that are young at heart)! Just follow the same steps mentioned above.


How do I know what “Section” I am a part of and who my “Ambassador” is?

APA Florida is made up of 12 Sections divided by geographic region that work to facilitate day-to-day member involvement. If you are an APA Florida Member, your section corresponds to the mailing address you provided on your membership form. Please see here for a map of the sections.

Once you know your section, check out the “Meet the EPG Committee and Ambassadors” page to reach out and say hi!

If your section’s ambassador position is vacant, contact the EPG Chair directly and they will put you in touch with representatives from your section.