The EPG is led by a committee composed of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Section Ambassadors.

The chair is the representative at the Chapter level and sits on the APA Florida Chapter Executive Committee and is aided by the Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary to prepare and execute the EPG’s goals.

Section Ambassadors are the EPG representatives at the local level. Each of the 12 sections have one Ambassador that sits on their respective section’s Executive Committee and plans at least one EPG focused event for local members.

The goal of the committee is to collaborate and help each other with events/ideas to provide resources and professional development opportunities for emerging planners in Florida. 

Reach Out to Your Section Ambassador

Atlantic Coast VACANT
Broward Section Amy Dinter
Capital Area Lindsay Slautterback
Dara Osher
Emerald Coast VACANT
First Coast Casey Dendor
Gold Coast Isabella Remolina-Paternina
Heart of Florida VACANT
Orlando Metro VACANT
San Felasco VACANT
Sun Coast Jared Jones
Justin Alexander
Dominique Boyer
Promised Lands Kelly Bhutada
Treasure Coast VACANT

Committee Contacts

EPG Chair Sofia Garantiva, AICP
EPG Co-Chair Brandon Henry
EPG Secretary Jarrell Smith
EPG Treasurer Felicia Hutchinson