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Standing from left, Jason Green, AICP and Sarah Kisner, AICP spoke at the joint APA/FPZA Holiday Party at the Downtown Social House in the City of Fort Myers.

From left, Jacqueline Genson, AICP, is the 2021 Ronald Eastwood Planner of the Year, with Wayne Daltry, FAICP at the joint APA/FPZA Holiday Party in the City of Fort Myers. Jacqueline served as Promised Lands Section Secretary for 12 years. We appreciate everything she has done for the Section.

Thank you for all those who helped put the 2021 Holiday Party together. We collected close to $400 for the local Harry Chapin Food Bank too. Thanks again for the generosity of our members.

APA FPZA Annual Holiday Party

Come celebrate at Social House in Downtown Fort Myers. Bring a cash donation for the SW Florida Harry Chapin Food Bank.

2022-2024 Recommended Slate of Officers

In accordance with the Promised Lands Section Bylaws, APA Florida Chapter’s Promised Lands Section Chair appointed a Nominating Committee to submit to the Section Chair a slate of officers for the next two year term (2022-2024).   The officer installation will take place at the December APA/FPZA Holiday party (time and place to be determined)
The Promised Lands Section Nominating Committee presents the following Recommended Slate of Officers for the Executive Committee:
Chair:  Jason Green  
Vice Chair:  Mitchell Austin
Secretary:  Lindsay Robin
Treasurer: Cindy Brizuela
Past Chair:  Tony Palermo
Those interested in filling one of the vacancies (except past chair) should contact the Promised Lands  Section Secretary,  Jacqueline Genson at, by November 22, 2021 in order to be considered.    Nominations for any office may be by petition of five percent of the membership or twenty members, whichever is less, provided such petition is submitted to the Nominating Committee within thirty days following the publication of this recommended slate of officers.   
Please find below the duties of each officer for this two-year term. 
a) Chair.  The Chair shall have the following duties:
i. Appointing committee members and chair;
ii. Directing the preparation of a program and budget;
iii. Calling meetings of the Section, and the Executive Committee;
iv. Serving as an ex-officio member of all committees;
v. Preparing an annual report of the Chair's activities; and
vi. Performing such other duties required by the Bylaws or customary to the office.

b) Vice-Chair.  The Vice-Chair shall have the following duties: 
i. Actively assisting the Chair in the guidance and coordination of committee activities;
ii. Carrying out duties assigned by the Chair;
iii. Acting as Chair in the absence or incapacity of the Chair; and
iv. Coordinating program arrangements for each regular meeting.

c) Secretary.  The Secretary shall have the following duties:
i. Maintaining an accurate list of regular, local and student members of the Section;
ii. Notifying members of meetings;
iii. Preparing and reporting minutes of Section and Executive Committee meetings; and
iv. Transmitting to the Secretary of the Florida Chapter and to the Executive Director of the Association copies of Section Bylaws, publications, and resolutions concerning matters of Association policy.

d) Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall have the following duties:
i. Collection of Section dues;
ii. Receiving and disbursing Section funds;
iii. Assisting the Chair in preparing an annual budget for review by the Executive Committee;
iv. Maintaining accounts that shall be open to inspection by officers and subject to audit; and
v. Performing such other duties required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.

Please contact the Promised Lands  Section Secretary,  Jacqueline Genson at, if you have any questions.

Land use attorney Mike Haymans plays a song at the Swamp Peddlers Symposium in Punta Gorda Aug. 6, 2021.

Jason Vuic at the Swamp Peddlers Symposium in Punta Gorda. Thank you to all the APA Florida and FPZA members who worked hard on this wildly successful in person program.

Walking tour of Downtown Fort Myers with Joseph Bonora and Jared Beck, AICP

Joe Bonora of City Walk in Fort Myers.

Jared Beck, AICP, of Stantec leads a tour of Downtown Fort Myers.