Section Annual Report of Activities

Strategic Highlights

The strategy moving forward in 2018 was to improve upon the Section, provide as many low and no cost professional and social events as feasible. Over the past year the Orlando Metro Section (OMS) has striven to provide a benefit to membership that is realized at the local level.

Financial Highlights

In 2018, OMS began with an operating budget carry-forward from 2017 of $ 2,773.63 not including the Certificate of Deposits (CDs) totally just over about $74,000. By the end of 2018, and into the 2019 budgeting process, OMS carried forward $3,813.74, which included revenues and expenditures to provide member benefits. Additionally in 2018, there was an action taken by the board to take $26,000 of the money originally saved in the CD’s and establish the APA Florida Orlando Metro Section, Judith Mucci Endowed Scholarship Fund with the University of Central Florida after the University achieved Accreditation the APA Planning Accreditation Board for the Masters of Science – Urban and Regional Planning Program. Further details on the budget and finances are available upon request.

Operating Highlights

Throughout 2018 OMS has been very busy ensuring APA standards for Sections are being met, Section By-Laws are adhered to, and most importantly working to provide our members the best experience we can provide. OMS has worked to show our member appreciation, which can be seen as outlined by many of the activities summarized in the report.