Are you working as a planner, in either the public or private sector, and find you still need to know “the basics” or need a refresher to do your work well?

Are you struggling to understand what other planners seem to automatically just “know”?

Then this series of workshops is for you!  Each month, we’ll explore a different topic with a seasoned expert who will break things down on your level. Plan to join us for one, two or all of our noon webinars to increase your knowledge about relevant planning topics and earn CMs. 

All webinars are FREE! The sessions are recorded and will be available for 1 CM each.

See the schedule table at the bottom of the page.

Mar. 21 | Dealing with the Politics

How can we deal with political issues effectively and professionally? How can we balance our technical expertise, our values, and our goals with the expectations and demands of others? How can we communicate and collaborate with diverse and sometimes hostile actors in the planning process?

This webinar will answer these questions by 1) exploring the types of political conflicts and challenges in the planning field today; 2) discussing skills and strategies to manage and resolve political issues in your work; 3) presenting best practices and examples of successful political engagement and negotiation involved in planning, and; 4) share resources and support available for planners facing political difficulties. This webinar is ideal for planners who want to improve their political awareness and skills and learn how to navigate the political landscape with confidence and competence.

Register for the Mar. 21 Planning Academy 102 webinar here

Apr. 18 | Development Review Committee Rules!

We’ve all heard about the DRC (Development Review Committee) and questioned its purpose, structure, and operations. This webinar will explain how the various development review processes work and explore other considerations and challenges of managing and participating in the various DRC processes, which can be very different for each jurisdiction.

Planning Academy 102 Schedule

Topic Speakers Date
Housing GrantAdministration Jessica Frye, AICP Jan. 25
School Planning Heather Croney,Kathie Ebaugh, AICP Feb. 15
Dealing with the politics Tammy Reque, MPA,AICP Mar. 21
DRC committees Nic Thalmueller,AICP Apr. 18
Historic preservation Christine Dalton,AICP May 2
Impact fees – state requirements,nexus studies City of Orlando June 20
Basic architecture Eric Luttman, AIA July 18
Basic landscape architecture Galen Pugh Aug. 15

Past Webinars

Feb. 15 | School Planning

If you’re wondering what school planning is all about, this webinar is for you. Kathie Ebaugh, AICP and Heather Croney will teach us about the details of school planning: Tracking and predicting growth in communities and its impact on student population; determining which schools close and which stay open based on capacity; planning for building additions or adding new schools; budgeting and funding; tracking school enrollment numbers and compliance with FISH.

If you’re thinking about making the leap to school planning or are just starting this career journey, plan to join us.

Watch the webinar here

Jan. 25 | Housing Grant Administration

Have you ever wondered about FHFC, SHIP, CDBG, HOME, HUD, and Section 8 programs? Would you like to learn about housing grants that will work in your jurisdiction? Jessica Frye, AICP, Housing Initiative Manager with the City of Orlando, will teach us best practices for administering housing grants in Florida. Jessica is skilled in federal, state, and local grants that support the development and preservation of affordable housing and other community improvement projects and programs, working directly with developers to create and preserve affordable housing.

This information will be valuable to all planners working to attract and keep affordable housing in their community.

Watch the webinar here