Welcome to Broward!

Section Update

Since the last Executive Committee meeting, the Broward Section has been working to continue its membership expansion efforts, reaching a total of 149 members. In keeping with our commitment to assisting FAU with its professional and student outreach, we co-sponsored a panel-style discussion of the economic effects of climate change. We also reached out to partners at the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, co-sponsored their Mid Century Modern workshop and tour.  Other tours include behind the scenes tour of a new hotel concept in Ft. Lauderdale, The Dalmar, as well as a CPTED walking tour.  Through partnerships, we sponsored a seminar on the Cannabis Market and its Impact on South Florida Real Estate, the Ft. Lauderdale Transportation Summit, and the ULI Smart Growth Conference.  We continue to help provide our members with more CM credits.  If you have an idea for an event, contact a Board member and let's make it happen!