Welcome to Broward!

Section Update

Since the last Executive Committee meeting, the Broward Section has been working to continue its membership expansion efforts, reaching a total of 149 members. In keeping with our commitment to assisting FAU with its professional and student outreach, we co-sponsored a panel-style discussion of the economic effects of climate change. We also reached out to partners at the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, co-sponsoring their Mid Century Modern workshop and tour and helping to provide our members with more CM credits.

Upcoming planned or in-development events:

  • King Tides: Lessons Learned (TBD, Q1 2019)

  • Sunrise Development Tour (TBD, 2019)

  • Tour with SFRTA (TBD, 2019)

  • Pembroke Pines City Center Tour and Monthly Happy Hour (TBD, 2019)