A New Approach to Parks and Recreation System Planning for Resiliency and Sustainability | 1.5 CM

On-Demand 1.5 CM  | Event #9200110  | Expires Dec. 31, 2020

Presentation deck here. (Downloads as a pdf)  David shows a video during his presentation. Click here to watch it.

An increasing number of planners, elected officials, community leaders, and developers now understand the irrefutable relationship between great parks systems and sustainable, resilient, and livable communities.  However, a new parks and recreation system planning (PRSP) approach is needed to actually realize desired sustainability and resiliency benefits – one that is more thoughtful, comprehensive, collaborative, scientific, and strategic than traditional planning approaches.  David Barth, author of the new book Parks and Recreation Planning, discusses his new planning model and approach to generating greater sustainability and resiliency benefits through parks and recreation planning.  


David Barth is a Certified Planner, Landscape Architect, and Certified Parks and Recreation Professional who specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of the public realm. He has developed parks and recreation system needs assessments and master plans for over 100 communities throughout the United States including Washington, D.C, Miami-Dade County, Norfolk, VA, San Diego, and the City of Raleigh. He is the author of the APA PAS Memo Alternatives for Determining Parks and Recreation Levels of Service, and most recently Parks and Recreation System Planning: A New Approach to Creating Sustainable, Resilient Communities.