APA Florida Distance Learning  | 1.5 ETHICS CM Event #9187114  |  Expires October 2020

Strong interpersonal abilities and skills are critical to coordinating projects, implementing plans, developing consensus and advancing your planning career. These areas can also be flash points for ethical issues, reflected in the fact that much of the AICP Code of Ethics pertains to interpersonal interaction. This session aims to provide strategies and techniques for enhancing planners’ roles in everyday interactions while weaving in components from the Code. Speakers will provide practical guidance on topics like conflict resolution, professional and client relationships, social media interaction, interpersonal communication and negotiation within the purview of the Code.

Both the Principles to Which We Aspire and Rules of Conduct will be areas of focus for this session, which will have multiple opportunities for audience participation. Featuring experienced public and private sector planners, the session will discuss the complex ethical issues associated with interactions and relationships. Panelists will provide strategies for how to be more effective in working with others while still upholding on our responsibility to the public, our clients and employers, and our colleagues and the profession. This session is aimed at planners of all levels seeking to work more effectively with others while avoiding common pitfalls and ethical dilemmas. By providing a topic that is necessary to all planners, bite-size info, an ever-shifting format, and opportunities for audience participation, attendees will surely rate this as one of the most memorable of the conference. It will serve as an innovative and entertaining way to learn and be reminded of our ethical principles.

Download decks used in presentation here:  https://prezi.com/view/nP7XllIvFN6p51Ph8yLG/