Recorded at the 2019 Florida Planning Conference.  We understand there are lighting issues that were beyond our control.  You are able to following along with the deck and hear conversations. 

Distance Learning |  Ethics 1.5 CMEvent #9187118  | Expires October 2020

Download deck used in presentation here:

Each year the AICP Ethics Case of the Year presents a complex and interesting set of scenarios that illustrate ethical dilemmas faced by planners working within challenging political arenas, while trying to stay true to their ethical principles. 

The 209 Case of the Year is not a single "case" but a series of ethical scenarios based on real-life events from the past year. Join several AICP Fellows and the AICP Commissioner for Region III for an interactive discussion of the application of the AICP Code of Ethics to relevant ethical situations.  Attendees are encouraged to read the Ethics Case of the Year prior to the session by going to: