1.5 Law CM | Expires April 5, 2023

2022 Legislative Session Review

The 2022 Legislative Session ended on March 14. A number of significant changes which will impact planning in Florida were passed by the Legislature, including bills focused on business damages related to governmental action, airport funding, affordable housing, local government preemptions, property rights, building regulation, and statewide flooding and sea level rise resilience. Most of the changes in the bills would take effect on July 1 2022 although some take effect upon becoming law. This webinar will provide an overview of these legislative changes. 

PRESENTERS: Whit Blanton, FAICP Thomas Hawkins, AICP, JD Lester Abberger Julia Magee

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1.5 Ethics CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Moving Beyond Privilege Toward Inclusivity: The Ethics of Inclusion

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. As our workplaces and communities are coming to a deeper awareness of various forms of interpersonal and institutionalized bias, planners struggle with how they can be part of the solution for change. Inclusive leadership is imperative to creating real change in our organizations and communities, and allyship is equally vital in helping to remove barriers that many marginalized groups confront on a daily basis. What does it mean to be inclusive? How do we understand other points of view? As planners we should strive to be mindful and aware of the needs of all of our communities. 

SPEAKERS: Jim Barnes, AICP Alissa Barber Torres, FAICP, Ph.D, CLTD Bob Cambric Jill Quigley, AICP

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1.25 CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Bringing Planning and Preservation Together

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. Historic preservation planning is primarily viewed as a regulatory function, assisting citizens through local approval processes, and working with state and federal partners around the designation of resources. For years, the preservation field has been looking to better engage people around preservation to understand why it’s important and that it’s not just about telling you what to do with your house. What can preservation and planning learn from the field of public history? How can planners integrate public history to tell the stories of our communities? This session will explore broadening the practice of preservation planning beyond the traditional narrative. 

SPEAKERS: Adrienne Burke, AICP, Esq., Sarah Miller MA, RPA, Dr. Scot French, Ennis Davis, AICP

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1.25 CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Miami 21: A City in Evolution

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. The Miami 21, heralded as one of the most extensive and exhaustive Form-Based Codes of its time, has reshaped the City of Miami, transformed its development patterns, and created an enviable planning platform for cities around the country. It was a five year exercise to overhaul a cumbersome Euclidean Zoning Code into a 21st-century legislative tool to improve livability in the city and provide predictability to Miami’s fast-paced development industry. Join us for a panel that includes the visionaries, the drafters, and implementers of this herculean effort and learn how this ever-evolving code will shape the future of this diverse city into an inclusive, resilient, and thriving heart of South Florida’s Metropolis.

SPEAKERS: Francisco Garcia, Manny Diaz, Ana Gelabert-Sanchez, Juan Mullerat

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1 CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Moving Forward: Creating a Resilient Future & Opening Plenary

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. Akisa Omulepu speaks about how diversity and the experiences of people play a profound role in our collective experience, and how we can better embrace this diversity in our profession and daily lives. She will also be presenting a documentary on planning issues in South Florida.

SPEAKER: Akisa Omulepu

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1 CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Policy Implementation and Planning: A Panel Discussion on Perspectives from Elected Officials

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. This session discusses how transportation planning recommendations are perceived by elected officials, and their role, as policy makers to implement projects and programs. Projects will be highlighted throughout the state of Florida, including South Florida, North Florida, Sarasota-Manatee, Orlando and Forward Pinellas. Elected officials will discuss implications of planning recommendations, especially as they apply to the planning topics including environment, economic development, affordable housing, transportation, land use, and community services. 

SPEAKERS: Aileen Bouclé, AICP, Commissioner Oliver G. Gilbert, III, Liz Alpert, Mayra Uribe, Brandi Gabbard

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1 CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Re-Imagining the Public Realm: Resilient Placemaking

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. Gerdo Aquino is a big thinker, designer, author and educator based in Los Angeles and is known for his research interests in re-imagining the public realm as a means to improve quality of life within the densifying urban fabric of our cities and towns. Issues of urban ecology, resiliency, mobility, air and water quality, programming and access to open space frames much of his work and serves as the foundation of public lectures around the world. A licensed architect and a graduate of the University of Florida and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Mr. Aquino will speak on the influence of the public realm’s current challenges and opportunities in incorporating new ideas that enhance the urban fabric and quality of life.

SPEAKER: Gerdo Aquino

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1.25 CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Uncomfortable Conversations: Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. Racism is not a virus of the body; it is a virus of the mind, and unfortunately, it can be lethal. This session is a safe place to have the uncomfortable conversations about race that many people have never been able to have, and remove the barriers for why we’ve never had these conversations. The cure for what ails us – all of us — lies in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and having these uncomfortable conversations.

SPEAKERS: Jim Barnes, AICP, Mitchell Silver, FAICP

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1.5 CM or 1 Law CM | Expires Sept. 5, 2022

Using Moratoriums to Shape Planning Policy

Recorded at the 2021 Florida Planning Conference. Learn how moratoriums and litigation have influenced the development of planning policy in two communities facing tremendous growth pressure in Hillsborough County. Using these real world examples, this session will showcase how the legal process can have a real impact on planning decisions. Located at the edge of Hillsborough's Urban Service Area, the planning for these areas was not only a classic stand off between rural preservation and development interests, but also saw challenges in equity, infrastructure, transfer of development rights, and outreach during Covid-19- all while navigating litigation and moratorium requirements.

SPEAKERS: Melissa Zornitta, FAICP, Johanna M. Lundgren, AICP, Jared Schneider, AICP, CNU-A, Taryn Sabia

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.75 CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

What Do Post COVID Development Patterns Look Like? | 2022 APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

COVID has provided the opportunity to rethink the physical workplace and reset for resiliency in urban areas. Working from home has become a common alternative, resulting in changes to things such as transportation patterns and demand and office space occupancy. In this session, you will hear from both the local commercial real estate and global design perspectives about how the pandemic is pushing communities to evolve, and to help us understand how communities small and large are approaching these paradigm shifts.

SPEAKERS: John McNeil, Autumn Calder, AICP, Carlos Valera

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1 CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

Welcome & Opening Plenary with Steve Seibert | 2022 APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

2022 is the 50th anniversary of Florida's first growth management legislation. This session will look at changes in growth management policy over this time span, what was learned, and where planning should evolve in the future. Steve Siebiert, former Secretary of the Florida Department of Community Affairs and Pinellas County Commissioner, will draw from his decades of planning planning work in the government, business and civic arenas to share his ideas on the future of planning in this state.

SPEAKERS: Whit Blanton, FAICP and Steve Seibert

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1 Law CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

What Is Happening in the Legislature | 2022 APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

The 2022 Legislative Session began Jan. 11 and committee meetings are underway. A number of bills have been filed that would affect the planning profession. Existing trends in planning law related to local preemptions, vacation rentals, property rights and more are continuing. This panel of experts will explain what some of the issues with current legislative implementation are and how they are fueling proposed legislative changes, and what impact legislative trends could have on planning in Florida.

SPEAKERS: Cecile Scoon, Zayne Smith, Janet Bowman, David Cruz, Lester Abberger, Whit Blanton, FAICP

Watch the session here. On Demand Event #9246390

1.25 CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

Demographics and Attainable Housing | 2022 APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

Florida is struggling to meet the demand for housing units, including affordable housing, workforce housing and missing middle units. This panel of experts will help you understand the scope of this issue in the state, the influencing factors, and needed policy changes. Topics to be covered include: housing needs and policy changes required to meet these needs; the demographic drivers for housing types in Florida; and factors currently driving housing supply and demand, and the unprecedented influences currently affecting the housing market.

SPEAKERS: Jaimie Ross, Esq., Chris Nelson, Joe Farrell

Watch the session here. On Demand Event #9246392

.75 CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

Anticipating the 2022 Election | 2022 APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

2022 is an election year in Florida. Top leadership, including the governor, members of Congress, and members of the state legislature will be on the ballot. The election results will have significant implications for the future of Florida. Renowned newspaper political commentator Steve Bousquet, with the Sun-Sentinel, will share his insights on this issue.

SPEAKERS: Steve Bousquet and Lester Abberger

Watch the session here. On Demand Event #9246393

.75 CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

Implications of Federal Policy Changes on Florida | 2022 APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, recently passed by Congress, will have a definite impact on planning and infrastructure investment decision in Florida. It is important for planners at all levels to understand how this act will be implemented and what that could mean for the state of Florida and its communities. This panel of experts will provide an overview of the act and its implementation as it is currently known, funding and other opportunities that may be available to Florida and how those may be passed down to local government.

SPEAKERS: Brad Thoburn, Danielle Arigoni, Jason Jordan

Watch the session here. On Demand Event #9246394

.75 CM | Expires Jan. 31, 2023

Opening Plenary: State of the Florida Economy in 2022 | APA Florida Public Policy Workshop

Dean Chapin will provide an economic overview for Florida, including the ongoing effect the coronavirus has had on the state’s GDP, personal income, and state budget revenues. He will also discuss Florida’s population trends and how they may be affected by the pandemic. Economic diversity, including the reliance on tourism and real estate transactions will also be discussed. Drawing upon his experience and expertise, Dean Chapin can offer unique insights on how the pandemic and its ongoing impacts have impacted Florida's economics and population trends.

SPEAKERS: Dr. Tim Chapin and Whit Blanton, FAICP

Watch the session here. On Demand Event #9246396