AICP & AICP Candidate Members

APA Florida is proud of our 1,685 members who have joined our ranks as members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (designated as AICP).  We want to congratulate our most recent members as well as celebrate those members who have committed to maintaining their certification through the years.  For more information on the November exam, study guides and groups, please visit the AICP Exam & Preparation page.

Congratulations to the following members who passed the AICP Certification Test in May 2022:

Charles Abbatantuono Megan Ferguson Alexandra Laporte Elisabeth Staten
Miranda Anaya Noah Fossick Mariluz Maldonado Alex Steady
Corinn Beem Chris Frassetti Amanda Martin Devin Tolpin
Carl Benge Gerald Galloway Kevin Moran Nicole Tremblay
Brandon Berry Jeremy Gauger Megan Nixon Anthony Vallone
Terrilyn Bostwick Glennika Gordon Lauren O'Neill Paola West
James Boxold Laura Hardwicke Andrea Papandrew Michael Whalen
Waldo Carbo Joe Hochadel Nikesh Patel Jennifer Wolfe
Chris Carson Julia Holtzhausen Melissa Porcaro Leyi Zhang
Emmanuel Cofie Leny Huaman Michael Roberson
Monique Colberg Jared Jacobs Prakrati Shrivastava
Derrick Cook Jessica Kluttz Aaron Silverberg

To see this list of all APA Florida FAICP, AICP & AICP Candidate members as of Jan. 1, 2022 click here

Please note: The list of APA Florida members who are current with APA dues. 

Advanced Specialty Certification

Members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) who are interested in further designation as a specialist in certain areas may seek an Advanced Specialty Certification in the following areas:

AICP Certified Transportation Planner (AICP CTP)
AICP Certified Environmental Planner (AICP CEP)
AICP Certified Urban Designer (AICP CUD)

APA Florida is pleased to recognize our members who have taken this step.  For more information about these certifications, visit

James E. Barnes AICP CEP
Sandra Lee AICP CEP

David Ausherman AICP CTP
Charles Barmby AICP CTP
Craig Casper AICP CTP
Ryan Guffey AICP CTP
Scarlet Hammons AICP CTP
Nickalus Lepp AICP CTP
Karen McGuire AICP CTP
John Podczerwinsky, AICP CTP
Jennifer Stults AICP CTP
Thomas Whalen AICP CTP
Cory Wilkinson AICP CTP

Christopher Barry AICP CUD
Robert Franke AICP CUD
John Hixenbaugh AICP CUD
Donald Shockey AICP CUD
Kuei-Kang Wu AICP CUD