New AICP Exam Application Process

APA is implementing a new application process for the exam. This affects all test takers (i.e. “One Path to AICP”); the Candidate application process has been phased out. All planners taking the exam will now submit their education and work experience after taking the exam, and no longer are there three required essays as part of the application process. The exam costs reflect these changes, and taking the exam now costs less for those planners that end up taking the exam multiple times.

May 2024 AICP Certification Cycle Dates

Registration Dates

Opens: April 1, 2024

Closes: April 30, 2024

Transfer deadline: May 28, 2024

Exam Dates

Window: May 1 - 30, 2024

Experience Application Dates

Window: June 3 - 27, 2024

May 2024 AICP Study Group

If you’re planning to take the AICP Exam during the May 2024 Testing Window or a future exam window, the spring session of the APA Florida Treasure Coast Section AICP Study Class will begin on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2024 and run through Saturday, March 30, 2024. The class is FREE and provided LIVE via Go-To-Webinar with sessions recorded. It includes a combination of Thursday evening sessions (6 – 9 pm ET) featuring specific topics and Saturday morning sessions (9 am – noon ET) featuring practice questions.

If you are not already on the email list for the study class and want to be added, please email Henry Bittaker, FAICP ( and Susan Coughanour, FAICP ( and include your APA member number (and state APA Chapter name) to be added to the email list. Additional information about the classes and available study resources will be provided prior to and during the class. Session recordings and other study materials, including practice exams, are available to APA Members from a One Drive site run by APA Florida.

For additional detailed information about the AICP credential, the new One Path to AICP process, including the deadlines and requirements for the application and testing processes, and the other study resources available from the American Planning Association, click on

AICP Exam Study Webinar Archive

Watch past exam webinars here.

Treasure Coast AICP Dropbox Site & AICP Exam Study Links

Susan Coughanour, FAICP, and Henry Bittaker, AICP, run AICP STUDY GROUP sessions for the Treasure Coast Section. These sessions are webcast live using GoToWebinar and the webcasts and other extensive study materials are made available on a OneDrive site. Please contact Henry Bittaker at and provide your APA member number and state APA Chapter name in order to obtain a password and instructions on how to access the free Dropbox site. The Treasure Coast Section also maintains the Treasure Coast Study links that are updated. Click here to download the pdf.

2020 CPC Study Manual For AICP Exam Available

The new APA Chapter Presidents Council Study Manual for the AICP Certification Exam is now available as an online study manual for $15.

The new CPC study manual for the AICP exam addresses the following topics:

History timeline, Planners, Planning Movements, Planning law cases, Planning Theory, Planning research, Spatial analysis, Public engagement, Plan implementation, Project and Program Management, Social Equity Comprehensive and Sectoral Planning, Capital Improvements Planning, Fiscal Analysis, Growth Management, Regional Planning, Coastal Zone Management, Tribal Planning Current planning, Sustainability planning, Transportation planning, Economic Development, Housing, Health, Leadership, Administration and Management Planning Ethics