House and Senate Committees did not meet this week, but bills continue to be filed and assignments to committees of reference made.  The latest bill tracking report, as of January 18, can be found here.

Of interest, bills were filed which would do the following:

  • Require comprehensive plans to include a property rights element (HB 291). Note that similar bills have been filed since the 2014 session but have not passed.
  • Authorize school districts to levy up to 2.0 mills by supermajority vote (HB 215).
  • Repeal provisions relating to state funding for sports facility development by local government on property owned by local government (HB 233).  Note this bill is similar to SB 778 and HB 6005 which both died last year in their first committee of reference.
  • Prohibit fracking (HB 239), similar to SB 146 filed earlier this session.
  • Repeal constitutional provisions related to the Constitution Revision Commission (HJR 249HB 251, SJR 362).
  • Allow legislation by initiative without legislative or gubernatorial approval (HJR 285).
  • Create the “Florida Rural Job and Business Recovery Act” (SB 298).  Note this bill is similar to SB 990 which was died last year in its second committee of reference and HB 1415 which was not heard in committee.
  • Amend public meeting notice requirements and public comment provisions (HB 265). Note that similar bills were filed in 2017 and 2018 but died without being heard in committee.
  • Amend requirements and provisions related to the operation of autonomous vehicles (HB 311). Note this bill is similar to HB 353 and SB 712 which both died in committee last year.
  • Revise criteria for determining and assigning funding priorities for beach management and erosion control projects and revise list of projects included as inlet management projects (HB 325).  Note this bill is similar to SB 174 which was passed by the Senate last year but died in Messages to the House.
  • Require that a referendum to adopt or amend a local discretionary sales surtax must be held at a general election (SB 336).  Note this bill is similar to HB 317 which was passed by the House last year but died in Senate Community Affairs Committee.
  • Prohibit local government from charging an impact fee for the development or construction of affordable housing (SB 350).