APA Florida Requests Veto of SB 410

On April 2, APA Florida sent a letter to Governor DeSantis outlining serious concerns with SB 410, and requesting  a gubernatorial veto.  This bill, if becoming law, will preempt and erode the authority of local government to effectively plan for their communities.

 As stated in our member-adopted Legislative Polices, APA Florida supports local government authority to implement sound planning practices and opposes the preemption or incremental erosion of local regulatory authority as this substantially diminishes the ability of local government to carry out comprehensive planning activities. APA Florida also supports annexation legislation that provides coordinated land use, which this bill moves in the opposite direction.

APA Florida’s Legislative Policy Committee provided valuable guidance to our Leadership in recommending the veto request. 

 If you would like to add your voice, you can reach Governor DeSantis in the following ways: