Florida Greenways and Trails Council (FGTC): The Florida Greenways and Trails Council (FGTC) was established pursuant to 260.0142, Florida Statutes. Among its duties, the Council serves to advise the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on greenway and trail related issues, promote intergovernmental cooperation and private partnerships for developing the greenways and trails system, recommend priorities for critical links in the system, and provide funding recommendations for developing and managing the system.

Florida Greenways and Trails FoundationThe Florida Greenways and Trails Foundation was incorporated in 2001, organized for charitable purposes as a Citizen Support Organization for the Office of Greenways & Trails, and intended to receive private monies to assist in the development and promotion of a statewide system of greenways and trails.  Non-profit status as a 501(c) (3) was approved in late 2002.  The Foundation seeks to raise public awareness of Florida’s existing greenways and trails and foster the development of a connected state system.  To realize this connected system, the Foundation develops strategic partnerships with a variety of organizations and provides information and assistance to the Florida State Parks, Office of Greenways and Trails, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Department of Transportation.

Florida Transit Oriented DevelopmentThe Florida Department of Transportation is focusing on the development of TOD strategies and guidance to promote land use policies and designs to leverage statewide investments in multimodal transportation systems. Phase I of the TOD planning effort is complete with the publication of A Framework for TOD in Florida. Phase II is currently ongoing and involves the development of a Handbook containing model land use policies and land development codes in support of TOD. The Framework and Handbook are designed to be used in partnership with the FDOT to assist in promoting multimodal system planning and managing congestion on state roadways, especially on the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS). By focusing land use and urban design policies towards transit, local governments can help optimize future transit investments and potential transit ridership.

Transit Oriented Development Sketchbook for SunRail:  In 2011, the Florida Department of Transportation facilitated an update of the 2007 TOD Sketchbook, which provided a community vision of redevelopment around SunRail station stops. Please click on the links below to view the updated Sketchbook. For easier viewing, the Sketchbook has been broken into sections.