Pinellas County Recycling Options. Comprehensive web site with information on recycling options available throughout Pinellas County.

The Sharing Tree. The Sharing Tree, a reusable resource center, is a partnership of Leon County Schools, Goodwill, Sustainable Tallahassee and Leon County government. The vision of The Sharing Tree is to be the regional model for recycling and reuse for educational and creative purposes. The Sharing Tree has expanded it’s mission to include artists, other educators and the broader learning community which includes childcare providers, home school teachers, and private school teachers. It is truly amazing how many great materials are filling this 5,000 square foot building. When people ask what does The Sharing Tree have? I answer with…what don’t we have. From buttons and beads to books and binders, The Sharing Tree is a mecca of perfectly good and reusable materials. In years to come, The Sharing Tree hopes to be the hub for donations, creative reuse and community education.

How To Guide for Homeowners, Sarasota County. This guide provides important information about Sarasota County’s solid waste programs and services. The guide is intended for residents living in the unincorporated area of the county. Residents who live in a city or town may contact their municipality for program information. Information on household hazardous waste applies to all residents regardless of where they live in the county.

Recycle Brevard. Recycle Brevard, Inc. is an independent 501(c)3 Florida not-for-profit organization, 100% funded by sponsorships and donations, 100% run by volunteers. On this website we share information and resources that should help you understand, learn more, know what is available in our community, and find out what is being done locally and globally in respect to the practice of the 3 Rs.

Recycling Awards Program. Palm Coast, Florida starts a recycling awards program. The program’s objective is clearly explained through the following statement: “The more often you recycle, the larger the reward opportunity.” The Palm Coast Recycling Program not only helps the planet, but also turns recycling into a fun and rewarding game while simultaneously encouraging Palm Coast citizens to grow more involved in their community.

Tips for Recycling. Your one stop source for recycling facts and information, and tips for living green. Whether you are a homeowner looking for recycling information, a student researching the field of recycling, or an industry professional looking for ways to start or boost a residential recycling program, we’ve got information that you’ll find valuable in your search.

Community Recycling Success Story: Palm Beach County

Rural School Case Studies in Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling and Composting. Pasco County Florida School District has reduced solid waste by approximately 40% and lowered its disposal costs from $600,000 to $300,000 annually. Each school is required to recycle a variety of materials to help reduce solid waste generation. Staff collect recyclables from 10-12 schools each day, transport the materials to Distribution Services, and sort them into roll-off or other containers for collection by a local recycler.

Managing Household Trash: Preventing Waste, Reusing, Recycling and Composting. Michigan State University Extension: Home*A*Syst. Examines current waste disposal practices and ways to reduce the amount of household trash produced and the many alternatives to dispose of waste.