Florida Administrative Code: FDEP Rules related to recycling

Florida Statutes regarding recycling: In addition to the 75% recycling goal, there are some other statutes that affect either directly or indirectly, the implementation of this goal.

Recycle Florida Today. RFT is Florida’s leading recycling association and is recognized by the industry as the state recycling organization (SRO). RFT takes a proactive approach in keeping its members informed on legislative issues that pertain to the industry. RFT continuously strives to provide new opportunities for education and networking through their Issues Forum and Annual Conference.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Waste Management. The Division of Waste Management implements state and federal laws relating to recycling, pollution prevention and solid and hazardous waste management. The Division also regulates and registers aboveground and underground pollutant storage systems. Using private contractors, it cleans up sites contaminated with petroleum products, dry-cleaning solvents or other hazardous wastes. The Division works closely with the District Waste Management Programs to implement permitting, compliance and enforcement activities. The Division has three program areas, Permitting and Compliance Assistance, Waste Cleanup and Petroleum Cleanup.

4 Things You Should Know About Battery Disposal And The Environment: While throwing away batteries may seem harmless, it can have dire effects on the environment. Each battery contains hazardous, toxic and corrosive materials like mercury, cadmium, lithium, and lead. If you’re wondering what adverse effects batteries can have on our environment, here are 4 facts you should know about batteries and our environment.

America Recycles Day. America Recycles Day, a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful, has been an annual event since 1985. Participants are asked to take a pledge to Learn: I will find out what materials are collected for recycling in my community; Act: Reduce my personal waste by recycling – within the next month, I will recycle more; and Share: In the next month, I will encourage one family member or one friend to take the pledge.

Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX). The Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX), is a non-profit clearinghouse and repository for businesses and government agencies looking for information regarding:

  • Market development
  • Recycled products
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Current regulations/legislation
  • Alternative and emerging waste management technologies
  • Trade journals and associations
  • Technical reports
  • The availability of and demand for waste materials; and
  • Waste management services and products

Florida Recycling Partnership. Florida Recycling Partnership is a coalition of businesses and associations dedicated to improving Florida’s recycling rates. Our members are proactively implementing initiatives in their organizations and companies to reduce the waste they produce, and increase recycled materials. Additionally our companies are working to create greater recycling opportunities for consumers. They believe in the symbols … reduce, reuse and recycle. Florida Recycling Partnership mission is to educate policy makers and the general public on the benefits of recycling. Our members believe developing and adopting sustainable business practices will promote recycling, reduce waste, and increase the reuse of materials whenever possible.

National Recycling Coalition. The National Recycling Coalition is a non-profit organization that is focused on the promotion and enhancement of recycling in the United States. The Coalition represents and advocates for every sector of the recycling industry across the country. (on the local, state and federal levels) We are the voice for our membership. We provide our members with the tools and resources they need to convey to their community members, decision makers, and the news media the important benefits that recycling provides to our economy and environment. We also develop meaningful partnerships with corporate, government, and nonprofit leaders to bring about important changes in the way we use, manage, and recycle natural resources.

Recycling and Donation Resources. Nationwide resources provided to assist companies and families to recycle and donate unwanted goods.

Reducde.org: Reduce Waste. If not you, who? Learn more about reducing waste (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)