Mitigation Guide by Texas A&M. This resource provides information on best practices in local mitigation planning. It outlines 9 tasks in the mitigation planning process, provides example plans, and also provides worksheets on a variety of topics.   

Review of the Literature on Post-Disaster Recovery and Redevelopment. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.
The literature review is focused on lessons learned from disaster recovery and recommendations for disaster recovery planning both before and after a disaster occurs. References featured are primarily focused on topics such as business recovery, housing, and equity after disasters. 

Coastal Resilience. Created with help from partners such as The Nature Conservancy, NOAA, The Natural Capital Project, and various other municipalities and stakeholders, the Coastal Resilience site offers an array of resources focusing on resilience. A page featuring the science behind climate change, and sea level rise, as well links to reports and publications can be found on the site. Decision-making tools and other interactive features that assist in coastal vulnerability assessment are also valuable components. 

Summary of FHWA Climate Adaptation Initiatives. The Federal Highway Administration provides examples of climate adaptation initiatives taking place around the country. These include vulnerability assessments on transportation infrastructure in the Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic, as well how the FHWA is integrating climate resilience into their own programs. 

Resilient Tampa Bay Presentations

 University of South Florida. The link includes a collection of presentations from Resilient Tampa Bay 2011, which focused on building resilience in coastal areas. Topics covered include Dutch adaptation concepts, flood resilience in Tampa Bay, storm surge barriers, as well as a knowledge exchange with Dutch experts.