APA Policy Guide on Housing. Planners have the skills and ethical responsibility to create communities where diverse housing options are available to existing and future residents. This Housing Policy Guide sets forth specific policies and actions which will help APA, its members, and national partners effectively address this country’s housing needs.

Shimberg Center for Housing Studies. The Shimberg Center for Housing Studies was established at the University of Florida in 1988 to promote safe, decent and affordable housing and related community development throughout the state of Florida.

Environmentally Sustainable Affordable Housing: ULI Community Catalyst Report Number 7

Developing Sustainable Housing: Moving Beyond Green. Most discussions of sustainable housing focus on the environmental and economic aspects, overlooking the social dimension. Achieving sustainable housing requires a holistic framework, incorporating the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainability in equal parts. Planners must help ensure that social equity is given equal attention during discussions of sustainable housing.

Creating Strong Communities: How to Measure the Social Sustainability of New Housing Developments. This report describes the development of a framework to measure the social sustainability of new housing and mixed-use developments. The aim of this project is to create a practical and cost-effective way of measuring people’s quality of life and the strength of community, which can be mainstreamed across Berkeley. to achieve this, a measurement framework was developed, grounded in academic research about social sustainability and its relationship to the built environment, and evidence from national surveys carried out by government and research councils about what is known to boost quality of life and well-being in a local area.

Housing Horizon. A blog about affordable housing and community development.