Alachua County Natural Resources Protection StrategyAlachua County has adopted a regulatory and non-regulatory approach to natural resources protection, and this policy provides an example of a comprehensive approach adopted by a municipality. 

Leon County Greenways Program. An example of a local greenways network that provided for the protection and management of riparian corridors, floodplains, and other environmentally sensitive areas, as well as scenic areas, vistas, places of historic and cultural significance, and native plant and animal habitat through connection of greenways and parks to neighborhoods, schools, shopping, and work destinations.

Winter Haven Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan. An example of a watershed restoration plan, using natural systems.

SWFMD. A regional government agency with jurisdiction over 16 counties.  A resource with information on water management and protection, ecosystem protection and restoration, and drought and flood management. 

US Fish and Wildlife Service (Strategic Habitat Conservation). A resource for habitat protection and landscape conservation policies.