1000 Friends of Florida Climate Change Page. This website provides numerous resources regarding climate change impacts and initiatives specific to the state of Florida.

APA Climate Change Report: The Relationship to Planning. This webpage briefly summarizes the key points from each IPCC report that has a relationship to planning.

Broward County Climate Change Toolbox. This webpage includes resources for climate education, health effects of climate change, plans and policies, sea level rise, and more.

EPA Climate Change. EPA’s Climate Change page contains a wide range of climate change information, data, and news.

EPA Climate Change Adaptation Resource Center. This interactive resource provides local governments with geographically tailored training, information, and assistance regarding the risks of climate change, adaptation strategies, case studies, and funding opportunities.

George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public HealthThis resource shares 53 reputable outlets that provide breakings news, research and expert analysis of topics related to climate change.

How Countries, States, and Florida Address Sea Level Rise: A Compendium of Climate Adaptation Research. This document includes links to and summaries of climate change research specific to Florida and adaptation plans in Florida, as well as around the United States.

NASA Global Climate Change. Up to date news, information, and data presented in unique and current visualizations.

NOAA Climate Page. This website contains visualizations, data, research, and more to communicate and educate current climate news, updates, and information. It also contains “Policy and Planning” and “Decision Maker’s Toolbox” sections that include various resources for planners and other practitioners.