FPC24 Student Poster Competition & Multimedia Session

At FPC24, APA Florida is excited to offer two opportunities for students to showcase their work: 1) a student poster session; and 2) a dedicated multimedia student session.

Students may submit projects for both the poster competition and the dedicated multimedia session.

Poster Competition

The Student Poster Competition gives you an opportunity to showcase your work and get feedback from seasoned planning professionals. It is also the ideal networking opportunity. 

Dedicated Multimedia Session

Participating in the Student Dedicated Multimedia Session is a valuable opportunity for students to present their work in a multimedia format of their choice, with a Q&A at the end of the session.

The Planning Playbook

APA Florida created this digital flipbook just for Florida planning students.

We know it takes a lot of work to find the information you need on scholarships, mentoring, and networking opportunities, as well as guidance on how to find a job after you graduate.

So we condensed all that information into one resource! 

Welcome, Students!

Sabrina Viteri, 2022-23 APA Florida Student Representative

December 2022

Across the state of Florida, planning students at accredited schools aim to become the best future planners they could be. APA Florida has created a community not only to aid us towards career achievement, but also to build a greater connection amongst each other. At no charge to students, APA Florida promotes inclusiveness and connectivity between the diverse range of fields planning has to offer.

APA Florida is committed to working with students across all 12 sections to conduct professional events, mentorships, and networking opportunities to guide emerging planners towards success. The future of planning is in our hands, and the opportunity to learn from practicing professionals and mentors creates an invaluable base as we pave our own diverse paths.

As your newly appointed APA Student Representative, it is my duty to act as a liaison between the APA Florida section and students. I am excited for us students to work together towards becoming tomorrow’s best planners. The APA Florida site’s student section will facilitate student engagement by including information about upcoming events, scholarships, and career opportunities.

-- Sabrina Viteri, Florida State University DURP Graduate Student

New Student Resources Now Available

The APA Florida Students page has been updated to serve current and prospective planning students around Florida. These resources include tips and links on registering as a student member, potential grants and scholarships, and information on AICP. The pages where these resources can be found are on the menu on the left under Students.

If you have any suggestions on additional resources or information to add, please contact the chapter office.