Meet Florida's 2024 Inductees to American Institute of Certified Planners College of Fellows

The highest honor that the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) grants a member is election into the College of Fellows.  Fellowship is bestowed to planners who have provided outstanding contributions to the profession for an extended period of time and have been a member of the AICP in good standing for a minimum of 15 years.   Those nominated have demonstrated excellence in professional practice, teaching and mentoring, research, public and community service, and leadership. These planners exhibit exceptional leadership, innovation and excellence, creating a legacy for their community, and exceptional accomplishments in planning over the extent of their careers.  Recognition of these professionals as model planners who have made significant contributions to planning and society is shown by the AICP by elevating them among their peers and the public by inducting them into the College of Fellows.


On behalf of APA Florida and your colleagues in Florida and elsewhere, thank you, Florida Class of 2024, for inspiring us to do better, to contribute more, and to advance planning as a profession and within our communities by leading by example.  

Let’s learn more about the exceptional qualifications of the 2024 Florida Class of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Kathie Ebaugh, FAICP

Kathie Ebaugh, FAICP

Kathie Ebaugh, FAICP, is a planner on a mission to build great communities. Kathie’s 27-year career in Florida is a testament to the power planning can have on people’s lives. By giving every person an opportunity to be heard, valued, and recognized, she has created a legacy of meaningful collaborative planning initiatives. She spearheaded innovative, community-focused school planning projects that transformed school planning. Her fierce advocacy for diversity and women in planning has established Kathie as a role model other professional planners look up to. Kathie’s influence has resulted in enduring community planning efforts throughout the State of Florida.

Kristin Larsen, FAICP, Ph.D.

Kristin Esther Larsen, FAICP, Ph.D

Kristin Esther Larsen, FAICP, Ph.D. is an accomplished planning practitioner whose practice informs her teaching and research with a focus on housing policy, structural racism, and social justice. With her award-winning teaching and public service, she has distinguished herself as an academic leader and pioneering innovator in advancing online planning education, conducting notable research on planning pioneers, and inspiring generations of planning students to make community outreach and equity a hallmark of their careers. Her impacts have been felt locally through neighborhood engagement initiatives and nationally by making planning education significantly more accessible.