The 2022 Class of Fellows Nomination process is underway.

Nomination Eligibility:

The minimum requirements for eligibility as a Fellow include: 

  • Member of AICP for at least 15 years (at time of nomination deadline, Aug. 25, 2021).
  • Member of AICP in good standing (dues paid, CM requirements up to date, and no ethical violations).
  • Outstanding contribution to the profession over an extended period of time.

There are certain criteria that all AICP members should achieve as outlined in the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  Additionally, in order to qualify for Fellow status, the nominee must exhibit, and the nomination submission must document:

  • Exceptional and sustained leadership.
  • Innovation and excellence.
  • A legacy for his/her profession, community and society.
  • Exceptional accomplishments in planning over an extended period of time.
  • The significance of the nominee’s role in the work mentioned throughout the nomination.

To learn more about the College of Fellows and the nomination process, please go to the FAICP website at

Please submit the name of anyone who you believe meets the qualifications stated above along with a brief statement (1-3 pages; no resumes) of why you think this person meets the criteria above, by Monday, Feb. 22.  Please submit this information to the APA Florida FAICP Nomination Committee Chair, Henry Bittaker, FAICP, by email at

At NPC18, the following Florida planners were inducted into the College of Fellows: (left to right) Susan Coughanour, FAICP, Clarence Eng, FAICP, Mary Gibbs, FAICP, Daniel Kirby, FAICP, Nancy Stroud, FAICP, Steven Tindale, FAICP, Rochelle Lawandales, FAICP.

Current Florida FAICP Members

Robert E. Ansley, FAICP

Alissa Barber Torres, FAICP

Owen M. Beitsch, FAICP

Daniel D. Bird, FAICP

Merle H. Bishop, FAICP

Henry F. Bittaker, FAICP

Whit Blanton, FAICP

Roger D. Blevins, FAICP

Claude E. Boles, FAICP

Mary Anne G. Bowie, FAICP

Michael P. Brooks, FAICP

Brian C. Canin, FAICP

Anthony J. Catanese, FAICP

Ramond A. Chiaramonte, FAICP

Susan M. Coughanour, FAICP

Victor B. Dover, FAICP

Clarence Eng, FAICP

Charles R. Gauthier, FAICP

Mary Gibbs, FAICP

David M. Haight, FAICP

Harlan Hanson, FAICP

David P. Healey, FAICP

Valerie J. Hubbard, FAICP

Robert B. Hunter, FAICP

Daniel L. Kirby, FAICP

Rochelle W. Lawandales, FAICP

Paul S. Lewis, FAICP

Steven G. Lindorff, FAICP

Saralee L. Morrissey, FAICP

Robert J. Mulhere, FAICP

Charles G. Pattison, FAICP

James A. Paulmann, FAICP

Mary Kay Peck, FAICP

Thomas G. Pelham, FAICP

David J. Portman, FAICP

Alan D. Reynolds, FAICP

Sergio Rodriguez, FAICP

Christopher Silver, FAICP

Brian K. Smith, FAICP

Lester L. Solin, FAICP

William M. Spikowski, FAICP

Jay M. Stein, FAICP

Bruce S. Stiftel, FAICP

Nancy E. Stroud, FAICP

Steven A. Tindale, FAICP

Stephen Tocknell, FAICP

Susan L. Trevarthen, FAICP

Paul Van Buskirk, FAICP, Ph.D.

Silvia Vargas, FAICP

Lincoln N. Walther, FAICP