Every two years, the Chapter President appoints a Bylaws Committee, chaired by the Chapter Secretary, to review the Bylaws and identify any changes needed for consistency with national APA bylaws or Chapter practices and policies.   The current Bylaws Committee members are Rochelle Lawandales, FAICP, Lorraine Duffy-Suarez, AICP, Brad Cornelius, AICP, LEED Green Associate, Alissa Barber Torres, Ph.D, AICP, Katie Shannon, AICP, CNU-A, and Lara Bouck, PE, AICP (Chair and APA Florida Secretary).

Based on the work of the Bylaws Committee, the APA Florida Executive Committee proposes the changes listed below to the APA Florida Bylaws. In addition to the proposed changes listed below, other minor wording and formatting revisions are proposed throughout to improve grammar and clarity. (To view the actual proposed language, click here.)

The proposed bylaws amendments require approval by a majority of those chapter members voting. Please contact Lara Bouck at secretary@floridaplanning.org  or 813-494-8101 if you have any comments or questions about the proposed changes.

Voting ends on Oct. 1.

Voting on these proposed Bylaws revisions will be done electronically and ballots were emailed on Sept. 17. If you have not received your ballot contact the chapter office at 850-201-3272.

Article III - Definitions

1.  Add definitions for: Budget, Chapter Newsletter, Chapter Officer, Section Chair, and Strategic Plan.

2. Update definitions of Certification Maintenance Program and Members’ Address of Record for clarity.

3. Update definition of Executive Committee to reflect changes elsewhere in the Bylaws to reference the Emerging Planners Group (EPG) rather than Young Planners Group (YPG). 

Article IV – Chapter Sections

4.  Revise to note a map of the Section will be made available on the Chapter website rather than being attached to the Bylaws.

5.  Revise to change the start of terms for Section Chairs from the “Chapter’s Annual Membership meeting in odd numbered years” to “January 1st of even-numbered years”.

6. Clarify that each Section shall send a representative (Section Chair or appointee) to Executive Committee meetings.

7. Remove language referencing Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revue Code.

Article VI - Chapter Officers and Terms of Service

8.  Revise Article title to “Chapter Officers, Executive Committee, Terms of Service and Removal”

9.  Add EPG Representative (formerly YPG Representative), and specify that the Chapter Officers constitute the Executive Committee.

10.Move Executive Committee description from Article IX to Article VI so that the duties of the Executive Committee are described immediately following the listing of Chapter Officers who constitute the Executive Committee.

11. Clarify that the Executive Committee is responsible for “Performing the fiduciary responsibilities of the Chapter”.

12. Revise terms of office language. Change start of term from the “first Executive Committee meeting following the receipt of the election results from APA” to “January 1st of odd-numbered years”. This change is recommended in response to APA-FL changing its election schedule to sync with APA National.

13.  Specify that in the event that a term of the President-Elect is vacated, the outgoing President will continue in office until a successor is elected “during the regular election cycle”.

14.  Specify that if an elected Chapter Officer fails to take office, a Special Election must be schedule no later than 90 days after the Officer should have taken office.

Article VII - Duties of Executive Committee Members

15.  Add further introductory language describing the roles of the President and President-Elect.

16.  Add duties to all Executive Committee members to be consistent with respect to:

  • Which committee(s) each Executive Committee member serves on and/or Chairs, consistent with Article IX,
  • Attendance at Executive Committee meetings, and
  • Noting that each Executive Committee members is subject to “carrying out any other duties assigned by the President”.

17.  Revise the description of the VP for Membership to a new title of VP for Membership and Outreach Services with additional duties included.

18.  Revise the references to the Young Planners Group (YPG) Representative to instead reference the Emerging Planners Group (EPG) Representative to reflect changes elsewhere in the Bylaws.

19.  Define the EPG Representative’s role in overseeing the appointment of EPG officers.

20.  Clarify the Student Representative description.

21.  Revise the position description and timeframe for appointing the Faculty Liaison.

Article VIII - Elections

22.  Clarify that only members in good standing with the APA and the Chapter are eligible to hold Chapter office and that the Vice President of Certification Maintenance (VPCM) must be an AICP member, consistent with criteria elsewhere in the Bylaws.

23.  Clarify that both the Immediate Past President and President Elect must serve on the Nominating committee, and note goal of achieving geographic diversity on the committee.

Article IX - Committees

24.  Specify that the Bylaws committee shall have a minimum of five (5) Chapter member from across the state. Remove requirement for President to appoint the Committee members.

25.  Move deadline for submittal of the Bylaws to the Executive Committee from April 1 to May 1 to provide additional time for committee formation – to reflect Chapter officers taking office on January 1 of odd years per changes elsewhere in the Bylaws.

26.  Specify that the President-Elect serves as the LPC Chair under, to reflect language under Article VII (2).

27.  Executive Committee language moved to Article VI.

28.  Revise name of Young Planners Group (YPG) Standing Committee to Emerging Professionals Group (EPG) with additional updated language to remove the age (under 35) criteria for membership. Update references from YPG to EPG.

29.  Clarify that the “Strategic Operational Plan” shall now be referenced as the “Strategic Plan”, in keeping with the definition added under Article III.

30.  Clarify that the Financial Planning Committee “shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee on financial matters”.

31.  Specify that Ad Hoc committee may dissolve at the discretion of the President.

Article XI – Financial Management

32.  Update to reference the “Strategic Plan” rather than the “Strategic Operational Plan” as noted elsewhere in the Bylaws.

33.  Specify that the Financial Planning Committee will assist with preparation of the annual budget.

Article XIII – Executive Director

34.  Clarify responsibilities of the Executive Director and how these duties may be assigned.

Article XIV – Legislative Representative

35.  Specify that legislation should focus on matters that effect planning in the State of Florida.

Article XV – Other Staff

36.  Specify that the Executive Director may hire or contract with other staff on the Chapter’s behalf.

37.  Clarify staff duties.