Doug Kelly, AICP (Candidate for Vice-President of Membership and Outreach Services)

Professional Experience:

  • 12-years Public Sector (Development Review Planner), 22-years Private Sector Land Development Manager
  • England, Thims & Miller – Land Development Planning Manager (current)
  • GAI Consultants/Community Solutions Group, Orlando
  • Atwell-Hicks Land Development Consultants, Tampa
  • MSCW, Inc. (aka VHB), Orlando
  • Canin Associates, Orlando
  • Gainesville, Seminole County and Volusia County Planning Department
  • Charles Johnson, AIA (Publix Architect), Lakeland

Educational Background: 

  • M.A. Urban and Regional Planning, UF (1992)
  • B.A. Urban Studies, UF (1987)

APA Florida/APA Experience:        

  • APA-FL State Vice-President of Section Affairs – 4 years
  • Past President, Secretary and Director for APA-FL Orlando Metro Section
  • APA Section Newsletter Editor for 2 years and “Planner’s Day in School” Coordinator for 2 years
  • Served on the 2001, 2012, 2020, and 2022 State APA-FL Conference Sub-committees
  • National APA Conference in Orlando “Planner’s Day in School” Sub-Committee
  • Orlando Metro Section AICP Exam Training instructor for 10 years
  • Past State President/Vice-President and Central Fla President of FPZA

Position Statement

APA Florida, the second largest chapter in the U.S. has consistently been a solid chapter, with passionate leadership broadly representing both the public and private sector.  Where we lead other state chapters often follow. At the end of this 2-year term, I want you as an individual member to be able to say, “The Florida Chapter of APA has provided outstanding membership support and services, and we have grown as an organization” and secondly, “that our profession and APA-FL is more recognized and more respected for our contribution to local communities than in any other time in our history.”  To that end, I have 4 major initiatives, probably more to follow.

1)   Advocating and promoting our profession as a recognized and primary resource for improving our communities; we are a unique and diverse membership highly skilled and knowledgeable working all sides of community issues to find solutions. I will expand our professional recognition in Florida in print and online so that we are viewed as a primary resource and educational partner in creating great communities.

2)   I will advocate for increased funding to support local section programs and educational opportunities to ensure you receive the full benefit of your membership;

3)   I will support APA-FL efforts to increase diversity and educational opportunities for our membership and especially our emerging professionals and the allied professions that we work with daily;

4)   In the first quarter, I will survey our membership to solicit your input, to evaluate current member services and most importantly, membership satisfaction and pursue a plan to exceed your expectations during the next two years. So much has been accomplished in the past two years, and I wish to build on that momentum.

Thank you for your consideration.