2022 Executive Committee Election of Statewide Officers

It is time to cast your ballot for new officers! This year, we are again participating in APA’s consolidated ballot for chapters and divisions so please carefully read the following instructions. 

On July 19, APA sent each APA Florida member an email with a link to the ballot. You should have received this notice from Survey and Ballot Systems, and it contains your unique link to the ballot. The email would have been sent on July 19 - 20, 2022 with a sender: noreply@directvote.net.

If you do not receive your election please contact support@directvote.net

All voting will be done online and only members in good standing will be allowed to vote. Voting will end at 11:59 PST on Aug. 20, 2022. Three email reminders will be sent to members who have not voted during this time period in case you miss the first one. You will be voting on the chapter slate listed below. Please make sure you review them before voting!

Members of an APA Division that is holding elections will also be voting for division leadership at the same time. The chapter slate will show up on the ballot first. If you are a member of a division that is holding elections, that division slate will follow the chapter on the ballot.

Should you have any questions or problems accessing the ballot webpage, please contact support@directvote.net.

2022 APA Florida Election Slate

President Elect

Charles Barmby, AICP, CTP | Bio

Allara Mills Gutcher, AICP | Bio


Kathie Ebaugh, AICP | Bio

John Roach, AICP | Bio


Karla Ebenbach, AICP | Bio

Jill Quigley, AICP | Bio

VP Membership & Outreach Services

Ennis Davis, AICP | Bio

Sofia Garantiva, AICP | Bio

Doug Kelly, AICP | Bio

VP Section Affairs

Alexis Crespo, AICP | Bio

Ali Palmer | Bio

VP Professional Development

Stephen Benson, AICP | Bio

Henry Bittaker, FAICP | Bio

VP Continuing Education

Ali Ankudowich, AICP | Bio

Lara Bouck, AICP, PE | Bio

Michelle Heinrich, AICP | Bio

VP Communications

John Cooper | Bio

Amy Elmore, AICP | Bio

VP Conference Services

Edward Ng, AICP | Bio

Roxann Read, AICP | Bio