APA’s Righting the Wrongs of Racial Inequality Statement

APA Florida supports APA’s statement on Righting the Wrongs of Racial Inequality and its call “to stand in solidarity with communities of color nationwide at this painful time,” including Black planners and communities in Florida.

The impact of Mr. Floyd's death and other recent grave injustices like it must be viewed in light of the historical trauma inflicted on African American communities, including discrimination wrought by the planning profession itself, which led to structural disadvantages in housing, transportation, education and employment that last to this day. APA recognizes this reality and is working to center equity in all planning processes in keeping with our mission of creating great communities for all  

Read the entire APA National Righting the Wrongs of Racial Inequality statement here

Over the past year, APA Florida’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been working on strategies and initiatives to support our planning community in this mission. Please take their survey by July 10 to add your voice to our Chapter’s efforts to make our profession and practice more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. If you have questions, comments or concerns, we want to hear them (contact the Chapter Office).

Take the survey

Our AICP Code of Ethics requires us to “seek social justice by working to expand choice and opportunity for all persons” and “to promote racial and economic integration.” Many planners, organizations, and communities are doing this work in different parts of Florida. APA Florida commits to amplifying and supporting their work, offering resources and tools to Florida’s planners, and taking other actions to seek justice and opportunity for all. 

As an APA Florida member, please help us by filling out the survey, recommending a resource or partner, organizing a Section event, choosing to mentor or serve as an APA Ambassador, joining the EDI Committee, attending our Chapter conference sessions on equity, or doing whatever you can to help us build a more equitable Florida together. On behalf of Florida’s communities and ours, thank you.


Laura Everitt, AICP, Esq., LEED GA, APA Florida President

Wiatt Bowers, AICP, APA Florida President Elect

APA Florida Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Andre A. Anderson, AICP, APA Florida Immediate Past President (Co-chair)

Alissa Barber Torres, FAICP, Ph.D. (Co-chair)