Great Places in Florida Award

2019 People's Choice Winner: Downtown Winter Haven

downtown winter have central park - great places in florida

The Winter Haven experience is a chorus of modern possibilities in harmony with its deep-seeded roots. Nestled among 50 lakes, downtown Winter Haven is where water play and affordable lake living is just down the block. With a concert on every corner and family excitement in every park, it’s that classic century-old downtown gathering place blended with a contemporary understated cool vibe. Arts, culture and music on the streets; festivals and events; craft brews and beverages; and a foodie’s paradise are just a sampling of daily downtown life.  Add a series of extraordinary parks, historic performance venues attracting entertainment lovers from around the country; and a contemporary public library offering ultrafast technology, and you have an exceptional district distinctly unmatched. Downtown Winter Haven is an extraordinary place where newcomers are welcomed as old friends, and heartstring connections and interactions create a lifetime of memories.  

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