What is the CPAT Program?

APA CPAT in Marianna, Fla., in 2018

The Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association has established a Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) program dedicated to offering statewide assistance to communities in need of small and large scale projects through multidisciplinary teams of planning professionals. CPAT volunteers offer a diverse set of skills and expertise working with local stakeholders, community leaders, elected officials, and volunteers to address a challenge, envision a plan, and create an implementation strategy. Projects may include consensus building, economic development, housing, urban design, transportation, energy, recreation, etc. Team members are selected according to expertise required for each unique project to offer pro-bono assistance. 

What is the purpose of a CPAT?

APA CPAT Charrette in Wharton, Texas, in 2019

CPAT projects allow financially constrained communities to receive pro-bono assistance from professional planners with various backgrounds and expertise in order to address a diverse range of issues facing communities. 

The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Code of Ethics and Professional Code calls planners to uphold an ethical commitment to enrich and expand the abilities of communities to sufficiently meet the needs of its people through addressing “policies, institutions, and decisions that may oppose such needs.” The APA Florida Chapter CPAT program is dedicated to ensuring our communities are met with just and equitable planning solutions.

Need more information regarding the Florida CPAT program?

Contact the Florida Chapter CPAT Representative.