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The City of Marianna, Florida, together with Jackson County, requested the services of the American Planning Association's (APA) CPAT program to conduct a planning study of the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor, a significant gateway to the city, extending from Interstate 10 to US 90/Lafayette Street. The full team visited Marianna from February 24–March 2, 2018.

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West Melbourne

Amid a resurgence of development activity along the Minton Road corridor, including a new and unique community park, the city council directed staff to change codes and determine incentives that would partner the city with private investors to create a town center. West Melbourne reached out to CPAT for help in guiding the city's efforts.

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Deerfield Beach

CPAT assisted the city with a strategy to create a walkable, mixed use district through the creation of a local activity center land use classification. The report includes an analysis of existing conditions, market assessment, retail design guidelines, planning and design recommendations, and implementation strategy.

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Pine Hills

The team's report includes an analysis of existing conditions, including a market assessment, the land use plan for the area, and master plan recommendation for the new town center. The report also provides a development program with investment requirements for housing, retail, business and employment, and public realm improvements. A community branding package was also created for Pine Hills.

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Wakulla Gardens

The team's report offers two main types of recommendations — infrastructural and social. The report also touches upon forces and trends Wakulla Gardens can use to its advantage such as building relationships with local businesses and educational institutions and exploring ecotourism. The team also identifies potential federal, state, and local funding sources for improvement projects.

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