Apply to volunteer as a professional

Are you a planning professional looking to share your expertise and knowledge? Consider the Florida CPAT Program to assist communities in need of planning support. Your skills could be needed to jumpstart economic development, affordable housing, urban design, etc. 

To volunteer, fill out a team member application below. APA Florida Chapter maintains a database of applications and will notify applicants when projects are selected that require your expertise. 

Apply for community planning assistance

Is your community in need of planning support? The Florida CPAT Program provides pro-bono planning projects to help financially constrained communities achieve their planning goals with the help of a diverse set of professionals. 

To request community assistance, fill out the form below describing your community’s need for assistance, project scope, proposed timeline for assistance, and funding and logistical support. To find a more detailed description of what to include in your application click here


Request or volunteer for a CPAT

If you are interested in volunteering or requesting planning assistance, please fill out the form linked below to get involved. All applications will be kept on file until a project requires your skills as a professional or meets the needs of your community. 



Need more information?

If you would like more information regarding the CPAT Program, please contact the CPAT representative