RFP: Escambia County/City of Pensacola Design & Engineering Services

Escambia County and the City of Pensacola requests Letters of Interest from qualified firms for design and engineering services for the Hollice T. Williams Stormwater Park. Funding for design and permitting has been secured through the Escambia County RESTORE Direct Component allocation (Pot 1). Design should address the following Project Objectives:

  • Water Quality: Identify Hollice T. Williams specific issues related to water quantity (including aging or inadequate stormwater infrastructure, flooding) and quality (including point and non-point source pollution such as excess nutrients, metals, pathogens, trash, and sedimentation), and determine appropriate corrective actions necessary to address root cause of issues identified.
  • Stormwater Attenuation: Develop design methodologies to improve stormwater storage and controlled release of excess stormwater during peak storm events to reduce flooding.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Identify and characterize existing recreation utilization and develop strategies to expand existing or construct new recreation opportunities based upon components identified in the 2010 Hollice T. Williams Greenway Framework Plan.
  • Community Resiliency: Identify and characterize Hollice T. Williams area vulnerabilities (including flooding, hurricanes, future development). Actions should improve stormwater park area resiliency by balancing natural and built environments.
  • Public Art, Early Learning, Urban Nature-scape and Cultural Heritage: Incorporate public art, early learning elements, urban nature-scape and cultural heritage into the overall park design including public amenities, hardscape, landscape, and lighting based upon the 2010 Hollice T. Williams Greenway Framework Plan. Identify opportunities for and incorporate iconic public art installations.
  • Urban Revitalization and Connectivity: Create an iconic asset for Pensacola and a signature civic space. Regenerate the I-110 interstate underpass area as a primary gateway which provides safe and enjoyable pedestrian and bicyclist paths and linkages to Downtown Pensacola and the waterfront. Incorporate the Framework Plan’s three (3) identified integral sections – reflection, connectivity and integration.

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Deadline: Sept. 27

Contact:  Buzz Roggenbuck, (850) 595-4878 or vadangelo@cityofpensacola.com