RFP: City of Sanford 'Goldsboro Transformation Plan'

The City of Sanford is requesting proposals from qualified firms or individuals to implement a portion of the “Goldsboro Transformation Plan” by leading a public outreach process and amendments to the future land use and zoning of properties within the Goldsboro community to guide future development in a manner that is sensitive to the community’s historic and cultural resources. The Goldsboro neighborhood has a rich history that is well documented and celebrated today. Historic Goldsboro was the second African-American township in Florida, incorporated in 1891. For 20 years, Goldsboro was a small but prospering city with its own government, shops, churches, and schools. Included in the bustling business district along 13th (now Historic Goldsboro Boulevard) Street was Goldsboro’s own town council, jail, tax collector, and police and fire departments. The population in 1905 was approximately 100 residents. In April 1911, the town of Goldsboro was annexed by Sanford into the City of Sanford.

The Goldsboro Transformation Plan represents the community’s vision for the future. The Goldsboro community, which is the target area for this RFP, is located within the City of Sanford, less than a mile southwest of the downtown area. The community is generally bounded by SR 46 (West 1st Street) on the north, US 17-92 (French Avenue) on the east, 18th Street on the south and Persimmon Avenue on the west, with extensions to include Crooms Academy of Information Technology, Goldsboro Elementary School, and the Academy Manor subdivision. The Sanford Housing Authority (SHA) properties that were razed are located in the central and north central portions of Goldsboro. Historic Goldsboro Boulevard, also known as 13th Street, bisects the community east to west, and is comprised of commercial properties, residences, public uses and churches. While once a thriving community, many of the structures have been razed or are abandoned. 

Deadline: Aug. 27

Contact:  Lidnsey Bojadzijev at 407-688-5030 or purchasing@Sanfordfl.gov