Update of the City of Palm Coast Comprehensive Plan

The City of Palm Coast is seeking proposals from consultant teams to assist in the update of the Comprehensive Plan. The update the Comprehensive Plan is intended to have a robust public outreach and engagement process with the use of various communication medium from surveys, face-to-face public outreach, virtual meetings, and the use of social media to garner input from various stakeholders on topics and issues of interests to be addressed in the update. 

The results of the public outreach efforts will be used to identify needs for data and analysis to update the Goals, Objectives, and Policies of the Comprehensive Plan. The same public outreach will be used to test the potential policy and program solutions that may have to be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan. 

The incumbent team should be composed of members with a depth of experience in creative public outreach, as well as a varied experience in the needs and solutions for continued sustainable and managed growth in a fast growing suburban/urban city.

Deadline: Feb. 23

Contact: Shannon Keough-Nolan at (386) 986-2339 or sknolan@palmcoastgov.com