Presentations from APA Florida Conferences

Resiliency Beyond Sustainability (2013)

Adapting to Climate Change Now Part 1 (2013)

Adapting to Climate Change Now Part 2 (2013)

Adapting to Climate Change Now Part 3 (2013)

Adapting to Climate Change Now Part 4Adapting to Climate Change Now Part 4 (2013)

Community Resiliency and Adaptation Planning in Florida (2012)

Four-County Climate Change Planning Post-Disaster Redevelopment (2011)

Additional Presentations

Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience
In this webinar, two professionals discuss the City of Norfolk’s Coastal Resilience Strategy and offers insights and lessons learned on how one community began to address climate change.

Combining Climate Adaptation and Hazard Mitigation Plans
A planner and an emergency manager discuss how and why Baltimore and Monterey County, California decided to merge their climate adaptation and hazard mitigation plans together.

State Resiliency Initiatives: From Issue to Action
In this presentation, two different statewide approaches to better enable communities and citizens to be more resilient are discussed. The conversation focuses on the drivers for these approaches, ties to planning efforts, and implementation opportunities and challenges.

Resilient Communities are Prepared Communities

Federal Highway Administration Webinar Series: Building A Climate Resilient Transportation System (February-May, 2015)

a)  Understanding Criticality and Sensitivity 
This webinar introduced the webinar series, described FHWA approaches to addressing resilience to climate change and extreme weather, and presented approaches/tools for assessing criticality and sensitivity of       different assets in the context of assessing vulnerability to climate change & extreme weather events. 

  • Adaptation approaches and climate resilience work overview
  • Resources and examples from Gulf Coast 2 for assessing criticality and sensitivity
  • MPO and DOT example applications

b) Developing Scenarios of Future Temperature and Precipitation Conditions
This webinar discussed methods for developing climate change projections and information for transportation decision making, the CMIP Climate Data Processing tool, and example applications of the CMIP tool.

  • Temperature and precipitation projections for transportation practitioners
  • Introduction to the CMIP Climate Data Processing Tool
  • Experiences from Arizona DOT