Williams, Augello Recipients of 2022 Andre Anderson Minority Scholarship

Howard A. Williams

Meet Howard A. Williams, $2,000 scholarship recipient

Howard Williams is a first-generation student and immigrant attending Florida State University. Growing up in Jamaica, he witnessed a lack of community infrastructure and investment in rural communities. This shaped his outlook and gave him the motivation to pursue planning.

Howard says his experience pursuing a master’s degree at Florida State University has been enriching. He found that urban and regional planning is a multi-disciplinary field that provides a balanced mix of theory and practical coursework. His passion is real estate and economic development, specifically with Black and Brown communities that are often overlooked.

Currently, Howard is interning with the Apalachee Regional Planning Council. He was his planning studio’s project manager for the master’s studio course focused on historic preservation and economic revitalization in rural Gadsden County, which has fueled his passion for representing underserved communities. “I built trust with the community; families welcomed me into their homes and expressed the importance of working with someone who looks like them to document their histories. Working with and learning from these community members was very informative and helped reshape my future aspirations,” he said.

Antonio Augello

Meet Antonio Augello, $1,5000 scholarship recipient

Antonio Augello grew up hiking the mountains around his hometown in Venezuela. From these mountaintops, he recalls noticing the patterns formed by buildings, the curves of the roads, and the dynamics between the urban and the natural world. “I also started perceiving the changes in my city's environment with longer drought periods, higher temperatures, and the alteration of the ecosystem for the development of society,” he said.

Early on, he took steps to reduce his carbon footprint by lowering energy use and water consumption and recycling and reusing what he could. Wanting to do more, he began volunteering with Santa en las Calles, which is now a nonprofit foundation with the mission to improve the living conditions of underserved communities.

Due to political unrest in Venezuela, Antonio immigrated to the United States. He obtained a Master of Business Administration from Florida International University and is now enrolled in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at Florida Atlantic University. While in school, he also works as a land use planner for Urbana in Boca Raton. He also serves as the APA Florida Gold Coast Section’s student liaison. His goal is to merge his practical and educational experiences to help create resilient, inclusive, and sustainable communities, particularly in South Florida with the imminent threat of climate change and sea-level rise.