Nominations Now Open!

APA Florida is pleased to announce the opening of its 2021 Great Places in Florida Award nomination cycle. The Great Places Award is the APA Florida Chapter's gold standard in terms of exemplifying a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement, and a vision for tomorrow. 

Complete award nominations must be submitted in electronic form by 5:00pm EST July 30, 2021. NOMINATION FORM IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Downtown Stuart is the 2020 Great Places in Florida People's Choice Winner

Great Places Award Eligibility and Category Criteria

The guidelines are provided below to help guide your description and we encourage you to use them if they apply. Please note that while descriptions are provided for four different types of areas, there are no set number of finalists per area, all areas will receive equal weight when looked on by the selection committee.

1. Street 

Identify the start and end points and the number of blocks. Describe the setting in which it is located. What is the street used for, is it residential, commercial, a mix? How do people use the street.

2. Neighborhood

Identify when the neighborhood was first settled. Describe its location (i.e. urban, suburban, rural, etc.), boundaries, density (i.e. dwelling units per acre) or street layout and connectivity; demographic and social characteristics; functionality (i.e. residential, commercial, retail, etc.); the activities and facilities that support everyday life (e.g., housing, schools, stores, parks, green space, businesses, public or private facilities, transit). Describe the extent to which there is diversity among the residents, based upon economic, social, ethnic, and demographic factors.

3. Public Space

Describe its location and setting (downtown, neighborhood waterfront, business or entertainment district, historic area, park) and the date (approximate) the space was created.

4. Downtown

Describe its location, boundaries, and the facilities, amenities and activities that support everyday life.

Please note: the criteria above have been provided to help guide submittals; they are by no means the only items that can be mentioned in the description of your great place but are provided to assist you in your nomination.

General Submission Information

Nominations must be submitted electronically to the APA Florida Chapter Office. Each award nomination must include the following: 

1. Summary of the entry (max. 150 words)

  • Describe the place and what makes it great. If selected as a finalist, this description will be used in the People’s Choice poll. 
2. Description of how the entry meets the award category criteria (max. 400 words) 

  • Identify the responsible jurisdiction (city, county, etc.), physical size or dimensions, and any other important characteristics.
  • Include additional details about the space and what it adds to the community.
  • Remember, these descriptions will be used by the selection committee in conjunction with the photos provided to help determine the finalists that will be posted for the public vote.
3. Images

  • Between two and five (2-5) high quality images that demonstrate the qualities or characteristics that you are trying to highlight in your narrative. Please submit as separate files.
  • Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf
  • File size limit: 10 MB
  • **Nominator must hold all copyrights to images being submitted (e.g. your own images), or obtain written permission from image owner**

Complete nomination via electronic form (see below) must be received by the APA Florida Chapter Office no later than 5 pm EST July 30, 2021 (no exceptions). Please direct any questions about the awards program to Alex Magee at 850-201-3272 or

2021 Great Places Nomination Form