Student Planner of the Year: Amanda Sapala, FSU

student of the year award amanda sapala

A recent graduate, Amanda excelled in academics while a student in the master’s program at FSU and received the Edward McClure Award at graduation in recognition of her academic performance. She was recognized as an exceptional student, an active contributor to class discussions, and an excellent writer, analyst, and presenter, throughout her course of study.

Amanda has also excelled in her professional activities while a student in our program. When she entered the master’s program, she was selected for a highly competitive professional internship placement with the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency in Leon County. Not only did her supervisor, Autumn Calder (the agency director), sing her praises as an exemplary employee, but Amanda was also an integral part of a Blueprint project team that won an APA Florida project award (Smokey Hollow Barber Shop and Capital Cascades Trail Segment 3 project) at last year’s conference in West Palm Beach.

Amanda has a strong interest in urban revitalization projects, with a focus on downtown economic development. As stated in her letter of recommendation, “Our faculty know that whatever project she gets involved with will be a success because of her hard work, dedication and creativity.”

Amanda recently began working at Gresham Smith & Partners in Tallahassee.