Outstanding Public Interest Group: All for Transportation

all for transportation hillsborough leadership award

(left to right) Stefanie McQueen, AICP, Sun Coast Section Chair, Tyler Hudson, All for Transportation Chair, Christina Barker, All for Transportation Organizer, Laura Everitt, AICP, Esq., LEED GA, APA Florida President

All for Transportation is the community-led effort that put a referendum on the November ballot asking voters to fund a wide range of solutions to our Hillsborough county’s traffic congestion and lack of transit options.

The citizen-led group raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and secured tens of thousands of signatures to get a transportation referendum on the ballot after the County Commissioners failed to do so. After securing the ballot initiative, they promoted the initiative and successfully passed the referendum with 57 percent of the vote. The initiative increases the sales tax rate in Hillsborough County by 1 percent to fund transportation projects. The group took their knowledge of the needs in Hillsborough County and pushed a solution forward.