Outstanding Local Public Official: Courtney Barker, AICP

Courtney Barker AICP receives the 2019 APA Florida Local Public Official Award

As a Certified Planner since 2006, Courtney served as the Executive Director of the Planning & Growth Management for the City of Titusville, and since 2014, she has practiced her leadership skills as City Manager of Satellite Beach. She excels at working with the community to find realistic solutions to achieve their vision and implement sound policies through strong leadership, strategic planning, and dedication and commitment to sustainable public and private development patterns.

After becoming the City Manager of Satellite Beach, she brought together professionals from various technical backgrounds to understand the effects of climate change on the city. This data and analysis led to changes in the local Comprehensive Plan. She has consistently shown progressive and courageous leadership in her efforts to develop the county's first Sustainability Action Plan, to develop a Sustainability Board, engage citizens through the Climate Ambassador Committee, and adopt more than 80 Green Achievement Targets. This plan has been used as a prototype and serves as the source of other Brevard cities' resiliency initiatives.

Courtney excels at balancing the needs of her community with different stakeholders and she's fearless in the face of negative participants, often changing their minds before the meeting is over by simply using the facts in a teachable manner. She is relentless in pursuit of good planning and demands those around her bring creativity and up-to-date techniques to make the community better than she found it.

Equally important is her attraction to share her passion, beliefs and knowledge through speaking, workshops, webinars for all types of organizations. She forges partnerships to share knowledge and creates public policy based on sound data and analysis.

Courtney truly leads by example and through her actions has furthered the cause of planning in her community and in APA.