Outstanding Local Elected Official: Commissioner Jenna Haligas

Jenna Haligas, a newcomer to politics, was elected as Ward 1 Commissioner in the City of Panama City in 2017. As a sixth-generation resident of Panama City, she has deep roots in the area that intrinsically tie her to her constituents and drive her to go above and beyond the status quo. In her short time as an elected official she has brought a spotlight to sound planning practices and highlighted the importance of citizen participation and open communication. She has played a lead role in encouraging the community and city leaders to create a plan for the downtown, the heart of the community.

Additionally, she has emphasized the need for public input through open lines of communication including town hall meetings, social media, and face-to-face interactions. She understands the need for and viability of the tools of participatory planning in a revitalizing community and is an active and respective leader of the efforts to re-vision Panama City after Hurricane Michael.

Commissioner Haligas is an exemplary role model that demonstrates outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment to her community.